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We ask that you contact the salon if you’re over 10 minutes late for your appointment. Should you arrive late, we will do our best to hold your reservation and accommodate you, but if you do not let us know, your appointment will be considered a walk-in. If you made appointments and did not show up 3 times, we won’t be able to take your appointments anymore, only walk-in.


We can repair your nails or answer any questions you may have for free if you call us and schedule an appointment. We provide a seven-day guarantee on all nail repairs, including gel/polish chipping, breakage if the nails were too thin when first enhanced at our salon, or any issues related to the application during the appointment/service. We will ONLY fix your nails, NO REFUND.

This NOT includes nail repairs resulting from excessive force (damage caused by blunt force, nail fractures, bleeding nails), as well as nail enhancement disfiguration (biting, filing down your fingernails at home).

Whenever you notice any issues with your nails, feel free to contact us immediately so that we can accommodate your next visit. Charges will be applied to any issues brought up after the 7-day period (According to your receipt)


At no extra cost, square, rounded square shapes are provided for ‘regular shaping.’ The round, almond, coffin, ballerina, stiletto, tapered/narrow square, and narrow oval shapes require certain lengths for proper shaping and are therefore included for an additional charge. Because these shapes are difficult to make, they may cause permanent nail bed damage if the nail is not long enough. Our prices range from $5 to $30, depending on how long the nails are. Length charges are relative because each person’s nail bed is unique and not based on a set price for nail length. The length of the nail must be proportional to the amount of material used, and the time it takes to mold it into the correct shape.

*A length charge still be applied to acrylic refills even if the original length was used at the beginning of the appointment. As the nails grow more extended, more time will be spent correcting shape, adding thickness to the apex and tips, and correcting structure if the nails curve due to their length*.


If you have any issues, please inform Salon’s manager right away, if you prefer to keep it private, please call the salon at 918-794-4064 and ask for the manager.