Nail salon Tulsa, Nail salon 74105, Odette Nail Bar

❖ Dip Color Overlay$40
Healthier for your nails with added Vitamin E & Calcium.  No Liquid or UV Light Needed. Lightweight & Durable.  Odor Free.
❖ Dip with Manicure$50
Your choice of Fragrances, The Dipping Powder  Solution by Signature Nail Systems. A Healthy,  Natural Solution for Beautiful, Strong Nails ,  service included Cut down, nails shape, cuticle care, and deep cream massage. Hot towel finish
❖ Dip Deluxe with Manicure$55
Your choice of Fragrances, Cut down, nails shape,  cuticle care, and deep cream massage, Hot Paraffin treatment with 5 min head & shoulder massage ,  and rounds you off with hot stone massage. Hot  towel finish

Your choice of fragrances